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Simple Steps To Upload Personal Songs on Resso App 2024?

Last updated on February 23rd, 2024 at 04:48 am

Steps to Upload Personal Songs on Resso App

  • First of all, open certified Resso Artist Account. You must have an Artist Account in order to begin. If not, you may quickly make it by going to the Resso Artists page. Go with all registration procedure, provide all necessary information and verify yours identification as an artist.
  • Log In to Resso Account. Use the login credentials you provide when registering to access your Resso account when your artist account has been set up. Confirm that the Resso for Artists service has been downloaded on your device with the most recent version.
  • ”Go to the Artist Dashboard” which will appear when you log in. You may post your music here as well as track performance data and maintain your artist profile. Search for the dashboard option marked “Upload”.
  • Tap on ”Add music” or ”Upload” button and provide all song details. This usually comprises artist name, song title, genre, and release date. Be Sure that all details are comprehensive and true.
  • Once the song information have been entered, you must submit the real music file. Navigate your device by clicking on the relevant location or button, then ”choose the music file” you wish to upload.
  • ”Add album artwork” to your music to improve its visual impact. Provide a top-notch photo that accurately reflects the essence of your song. Select an image that is visually appealing and pertinent to your song, since it will be featured alongside it on Resso.
  • Please ”reread all the details” you provided before finishing the upload. Confirm that there are no mistakes or missing data. When you’re ready to go, tap “Upload” or “Submit” to start the whole process. 
  • The Resso team will ”evaluate your music” once you submit it to make sure it follows with their content standards. Please be patient as this procedure may take some time. As soon as your music gets accepted and becomes live on the platform, you’ll get an email notification.
  • After approval, people will be able to find and stream your music on Resso. ”Look at your artist dashboard” to get information about interaction, streaming, and audience.

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