How to Switch from TikTok to Resso with one click? In Just 30 sec

Resso App is enhancing its feature by giving one-tap access from one app to another. You can simply switch from tiktok to Resso app with one tap. This outstanding feature is offered by the video streaming app Tiktok.

How to get access from TikTok to Resso with one click?

You can follow the following steps to get access to Resso from TikTok with one tap:

You have to make sure that both the app Resso and TikTok should be installed on your phone.

  • First of all, open TikTok and browse through different videos to find your favorite song. TikTok offers features regarding popular music trends and songs.
  • If you go through a video with a song and you want to listen to this song on Resso, locate the music icon present on the right side of the screen. It is a music note icon or symbol.
  • Click on this music icon. A window will be up on the screen with all the song details. On the screen, you will see the name of the artist and song.
  • Inside this pop-up window, you will see a button with the title ‘‘Listen on Resso.’’
  • Click on this button, and tiktok will automatically launch the Resso app on your screen and it will take you to the song that you have selected.
  • You can listen to this song, explore more artists with their famous music and discover playlists and tracks through Resso App.

You may go from TikTok to Resso with only one swipe and listen to your favorite music. This algorithm will allow you to discover a wide range of music on the Resso app enhancing the overall experience of music.

Features of Switching from TikTok to Resso

These are a few reasons to get access to Resso while suing Tiktok.

1. Advanced Features

The Resso app offers advanced features that attract music lovers towards it. You can design playlists, create lyrics, and listen to radio, and different podcasts. Besides all these features, Resso allows user to follow their favorite music and artist and interact with different communities. You can enjoy these features while accessing from TikTok to Resso.

2. Experience of the full song

TikTok usually plays short clips of about 30 sec to 1 minute of song videos. If you want to listen to the full song, you can simply click on the music icon and listen to the complete song within the Resso app.

3. Discovery of the Latest Music

TikTok usually introduces users to music trends and new songs. When you get access to Resso, you can discover more songs of the same artist, and explore related playlists and tracks. Resso offers a variety of music allowing users to expand its music library.

4. Demand of User

The Resso app is the first choice of users to meet up their needs for music streaming. Users may continue listening to their favorite music without interruption or hassle by smoothly switching from TikTok to Resso.


Overall, using Resso from TikTok gives users a more complete music experience since they can listen to complete songs, discover new music, and use extra features that are according to their musical interests.


Yes, we can easily switch to resso from tiktok with one tap.

You can enjoy the full song by switching from TikTok to Resso.

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