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How does Resso make its annual revenue 2024? Ways to Earn Money

Last updated on February 26th, 2024 at 07:44 am

Resso, created by Bytedance is a music streaming app. In India, the site has experienced tremendous growth and now has millions of active monthly users. Resso makes its annual revenue due to many reasons. Some of the reasons are disclosed yet while some are known. Some of the known reasons how Resso generates its annual revenue are given below:

How Resso generates its annual revenue

Annual Revenue of Resso


Mostly, Resso makes its annual revenue through advertisement. Resso shows different short videos and audio ads during music playback. Advertisers target more audiences through these apps to make more leads.

Premium Subscriptions

To enjoy premium features of resso, this app offers monthly or yearly base premium subscriptions to users. By buying premium subscriptions, users can enjoy offline and ad-free music.

Partnership services

Resso earns money by collaborating with famous music labels and artists to promote music on its platform. Resso gets in return share generated from these music albums and songs.

Why Resso Music App is the best music streaming app?

The Resso app offers a wide range of premium and impressive features to the audience. Many reasons contribute to ranking the status of Resso. Some of the reasons are given below:

Annual Revenue

Easy to Use

Resso offers a user-friendly interface that makes everything easy to browse and navigate. This feature enhances the overall experience of resso and makes the app easy to use for everyone.

Integration with Other Platforms

Resso offers an advanced feature that includes switching from Resso to any social media platform such as TikTok, Apple Music, Spotify, Ganna, and many more music apps like this. Resso also facilitates users to share music between different platforms.

Ad-Free Music

Resso provides its premium subscribers with ad-free music, allowing music playback without any advertisement.



Byte Dance, a parent company has not yet disclosed the net revenue of Resso. Resso does not receive any external funding as a private company.

The owner of Byte Dance, a parent company of Resso is Zhang Yiming. According to a survey of March 2023, the net worth of Zhang Yiming is about $36 billion.

Resso is a global music streaming app that is not only available in India but also in Indonesia and Brazil.

Yes, resso is owned by Chinese Zhang Yiming and operated by the company Byte Dance.

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